8 Free Responsive Web Design Tutorials.

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Let’s face it. Responsive web design can be weird for a designer just learning how to make websites adaptive and/or responsive. There are many responsive web design tutorials out there to help you learn how to design responsively, but I found eight that I like best. 

5 Useful CSS Tricks for Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design Tutorial

Image from webdesignerwall.com

Nick La created a tutorial that details using CSS to make a website responsive. The five tips covers how to embed a video (and keep it responsive), min and max width, relative values, overflow, and word breaks.

Adaptive Layouts with Media Queries

AdaptiveLayouts 8 Free Responsive Web Design Tutorials.

Image from netmagazine.com

Adaptive design is just as important as responsive web design. Net magazine breaks down the use of media queries to make a website adaptive, and includes a discussion on designing for iPads.

Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Web Design

BeginnersGuide2 8 Free Responsive Web Design Tutorials.

Image from blog.teamtreehouse.com.

Nick Pettit breaks down responsive web design in a tutorial where he explains the usage of fluid grids and media queries.

How to Turn Any Site Into a Responsive Site

Howtoturn 8 Free Responsive Web Design Tutorials.

Image from vandelaydesign.com

This tutorial covers a wide range or aspects about various operating systems and browsers, screen sizes, CSS and media queries and how to rearrange various elements, sidebars and drop-down menus.

Responsive Web Design: A Visual Guide

visualguide 8 Free Responsive Web Design Tutorials.

Image from net.tutsplus.com

Andrew Gormley created a responsive web design tutorial where he uses a lot of images to explain CSS and media queries. There’s nothing quite like being able to understand what you’re learning when they show it to you.

Building Fast and Responsive Websites

fastandresponsive 8 Free Responsive Web Design Tutorials.

Image from netmagazine.com

Net Magazine delivers another incredible responsive web tutorial that helps you build a website that is not only responsive, but loads fast as well. Check out Shi Chuan’s tutorial and get walked through responsive web design semantics, offline and storage, device access, connectivity, multimedia, 3D graphics and effects, performance and integration and CSS3.

Handling Typography for Responsive Design


typography 8 Free Responsive Web Design Tutorials.

Image from netmagazine.com

Sometimes, web designers concentrate fully on the look and feel of the website and forget about the most important aspect of a website–the content. Val Head shows you how to make the typography stand out just as perfectly as your images, sidebars and menus.

Creating a Mobile-First Responsive Web Design

mobilefirst 8 Free Responsive Web Design Tutorials.

Image from html5rocks.com

The last tutorial in this list is from Brad Frost, a leading expert on responsive and adaptive design. He created a tutorial that makes you think about desiging your website to be viewed first and foremost on mobile devices. The tutorial covers responsive and adaptive design elements like flexibility, CSS, media queries, relative units, Javascript.

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