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Responsive web design is now a significant aspect of web development and designing. Those who are not in the loop of responsive webdesign may find it a little complicated to get started.

The way we access websites and information online has changed a lot over the last decade. The 4:3 screen sizes of monitors made way for the LCD, TFT and later LED screens on the laptop. The latter categories had a display ratio of 16:9. Almost everyone would recollect the sites that leave a blank strip on either side of the walls. Even today, millions of websites still do not have a responsive web design for 16:9 displays which is why those sites do not fill up the entire display on widescreens.

Now, take into consideration that information and websites are accessed from tablets, smartphones and similar mobile devices where responsive web design is becoming an important factor.  Websites that are not mobile optimized or do not have a versatile responsive webdesign are surely going to miss out on making an impact the audience due to the incompatible versions being accessed through different mobile devices.

If you were to start your journey towards having a responsive web design then you need some responsive web design tutorials to give you a hint on what it is all about and eventually help you out on how to get it done.

Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot offers the best responsive web design tutorials to learn the tips and tricks for learning responsive web design best practices.

The Grid System

Any display that is split into various grids so when we look at a 7 inch screen of a smartphone, has certain limitations and a specific resolution. The same way, a 10 inch tablet screen would have its own grids and so would a 15.1 inch laptop. The Grid System can take you through on how to get these sorted.

Unstoppable Fluid Ninja

You would have images on your website and they have to be reconfigured or resized to say the least which can enable it to fit different displays and designs. The responsive web design tutorials on this site shall help you to understand such aspects.

Fit Text

Just like images, text also need to fit properly and Fit Text is a good place to start with.

Design Shack

Designs are important and so are thumbnails of galleries or information, Design Shack is a great resource for information on these domains.

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