Responsive Web Design Questions That Need Answering!

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Last week Alaa Hamoudah sent me a message on our Facebook page with some questions about responsively designing websites. I then informed her that we at created a forum for people to discuss responsive web design techniques, pros and cons and structure. Now I’m offering her question to the whole web design community to discuss:


I recently started to learn about responsive web design, and I read that the first step of creating RWD is to set the viewport in order to set the logical width of the browser to the device width or to the width I want.

I tried two examples on the Galaxy SII device:

One with the viewport:

And the one without viewport:

The problem is, I didn’t noticed any changes in portrait or landscape. I also tried to zoom in to the content, but it doesn’t zoom in.  

Do you have any suggestions for Alaa? Leave your comment below! 

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